Job Posting (August 2022)

Wiring and Cabling Installers – Domestic and Foreign

Datawise Solutions Inc is looking for candidates that are interested in long-term commitments (up to five years) for short-term contracts (30-90 day rotations) domestically and abroad.

The qualified candidate must meet the following mandatory criteria:

  1. Canadian Citizen;
  2. Able to obtain a Government of Canada Security Clearance;
  3. Able to obtain travel documents (passports, VISAs, etc);
  4. Work in foreign locations from 30 to 90 days with little to no communication back to Canada;
  5. Work in physically and environmentally challenging conditions such as heat, cold, long hours, limited time-off, isolation, etc.; and
  6. Fluently speak and write English.

Preference will go the candidates that:

  1. Hold a valid Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) (309A) or an equivalent provincial certification;
  2. Have proven experience in copper network installations; and
  3. Have proven experience in fibre optic network installations.

Secondary consideration will be given to candidates that:

  1. Hold a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD);
  2. Hold manufacturer’s integrator certifications (Belden, Leviton, CommScope, etc.);
  3. Hold equipment manufacturer’s certifications in hardware (Ubiquiti, CISCO, etc.)
  4. Proven experience in implementing Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards; and
  5. Proven experience in network infrastructure (building racks, bonding, TIA labelling, etc.).

Salary is based solely on location (risk factors) and duration of project; there is no worker classification separation.

The salary range is from $273.97 to $1404.09 per day.

All costs for travel, meals, incidentals are provided.

The work consists of the following aspects:

  1. The installation of raceways, cables and related materials to repair, build or support network related infrastructure in Canadian controlled property assets domestically and abroad;
  2. Installing, programming and testing various network infrastructure components such as fibre optic cable, copper cable, network switches, CCTV, WAPs, POE, media converters, etc., and
  3. Working independently or leading foreign workers in installations that meet or exceed the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and the TIA standards.

The location of work varies domestically and aboard and may include:

  1. Domestic home locations in Canada and the USA such as major cities within the continental boundaries;
  2. Domestic remote locations in Canada and the USA that are generally located outside the continental boundaries of Canada and the USA such as Hawaii, Resolute, Puerto Rico, etc.;
  3. Foreign locations that could be classified as low-risk “tourist type” destinations such as Australia, Bermuda, Denmark, etc.;
  4. Foreign locations that could be classified as medium-risk destinations such as India, Lebanon, Peru, etc.;
  5. Foreign locations that could be classified as high-risk destinations such as Sudan, Haiti, Chad, etc; and
  6. Foreign locations that are extremely high-risk such as Syria, Somalia, Russia, Afghanistan, etc.

The general application processing timeline is as follows:

  1. Applications received using [email protected], ongoing;
  2. Candidates “screened” in or out with initial notification anticipated in December 2022 and beyond as projects are approved;
  3. Screened in candidates selected in January 2023 and beyond with first anticipated deployment in April 2023 and recurring regularly as projects are approved.

Application process

  1. General applications (resumes and covering letters) are being received continuously with no “cut-off” date using [email protected];
  2. Candidates meeting the mandatory criteria and the preference or secondary criteria will be contacted and additional interview(s) will be conducted;
  3. Upon success additional interview(s) and/or practical testing, candidates will be required to provide additional information to obtain necessary security clearances and background checks;
  4. Candidates with an acceptable security and background check will be on-boarded and placed in the pool for the next available deployment; and
  5. Candidates will remain in the pool for five years unless they wish to be removed.