To Our Valued Customers,

Datawise Solutions Inc. understands that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way businesses now operate whether your are a homeowner, retail storefront operator, or one of our industrial clients. Protection of yourself, your families, and your employees is paramount just as it is for us here at Datawise.

In response to COVID-19 we are following the direction from the provincial government and the lead of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) in prioritizing our work and responding to customer requirements. The province has designated Licensed Electrical Contractors (LEC) as an essential service and as such, we are prepared to meet your requests.

We are queuing and responding to requests in the following priority:

  1. Emergency Work
    1. No power
    2. No heat
    3. Smell of smoke / burning material
    4. Exposed hazards and storm damage
    5. Coolers (food dispensing) and similar
  2. Clients with Medical Needs
    1. Residential clients with home healthcare needs such as:
      1. Home dialysis machines
      2. Home oxygen machines
  3. Plant Operations
    1. Safety / security repairs
    2. Major breakdowns
    3. Equipment troubleshooting
    4. Planned replacements
    5. Installations etc.
  4. Service Work / Service Calls
    1. Panel replacements
    2. Service replacements
    3. Retail alterations
    4. New circuits etc.
  5. Completion of Existing Projects
  6. New Construction

We will continue to maintain our 24/7 service throughout this situation. Please call us at 905-323-3843 for further information.